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7 Factors to Consider for a Successful Roof Installation

July 06, 20225 min read

Roof installation is a process involved with any type of roofing work as long as it entails installing a roof to a structure. It both applies to constructing a new building or replacing old, damaged roofing. While it is good to entrust everything to your roofing contractor, it will go a long way if you know more about installing roofs before you engage in one.


#1 Choosing The Right Roofing Materials

Choosing the best roofing material is one of the most crucial factors for a successful roofing project. There are various roofing materials now available in the market. From wood, metal, and asphalt shingles, each material differs in the purpose, pricing, looks, durability, and maintenance needs.

  • Concrete shingles and metal roofing are your best choices if you prioritize durability and low maintenance needs. 

  • Asphalt shingles are affordable but require high maintenance and don’t last long.

  • Wood roofing offers a sophisticated, classic feel and is customizable.

  • Slate and shake roofing types are also durable and offer a traditional look but are more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof. 

If you have your roofing installation to replace an old roof, you might be thinking of using the same material as you used before. However, it is best to look into alternative roofing materials that might offer better insulation, aesthetics, and costs to your roofing needs. It is advisable to consider consulting with a professional roofing contractor to understand which roofing material is best for you.


# 2 Assessing The Roof Frame

Proper assessment and preparation of your roof structure are necessary. Determine the wood or metal support’s integrity and ensure that the sheathing is damage-free. If there is any part of the roofing structure that needs roof repair, make sure that the contractor prioritizes it first before proceeding with the roofing installation. Moreover, for roof replacement, in particular, it is a must to remove the first roofing layer before installing the new materials.

#3 Can You DIY Your Roofing Project?

Roof installation is a complicated process. While hiring expert roofers might be the best option, some homeowners might want to consider doing the installation by themselves. If you have the basic knowledge, ample experience, and the right tools to do the work, then, a DIY roofing installation is possible.

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#4 Shingles Roof Replacement: Layering or Peeling Off?

If you are going to install roofing for shingles replacement, another trivial factor can affect your roof installation’s success. It is deciding whether to install the new layer on top of the old roofing or totally remove the existing roof.

Professional roofing contractors typically recommend completely peeling off the old shingles’ old layer before reinstalling a new roofing layer. Why? It is because a second layer on top of the existing one adds more weight. Hence more pressure on the structure can result in future problems for your building. 

However, if you want a more affordable roofing option, you might still want to try layering. Remember, though, that only two layers of singles are allowable in most State building codes.

#5 Hiring The Right Roofing Company

A professional roofing contractor can determine your roofing request’s proper requirements, costs, and timeline. As mentioned earlier, you can probably opt for a DIY roofing installation if you have ample skills and the right tools to do the job. However, if you want the best, long-lasting results, having a roofing company do it is best. 

You might want to ask your relative, colleagues, or neighbors who recently had roofing installation done. Browsing the internet using the keywords “the best roofing company near me” might also be helpful. Go through your prospect roofing companies’ reviews or testimonials to get an insight into the work quality, professionalism, price range, and work outcome.

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#6 Preparing Before The Roofing Installation

Roof installation entails quite a noisy process. For one, the removal of the old roofing, particularly the roof shingles, the laying of new roofing, and fixation of the necessary bolts, screws, or roofing nails can create excessive noise, which might be unbearable to little children, pets, or work-from-home household members. You might want to consider prior arrangements like transferring them to a temporary location before the roofing installation day comes.

Additionally, it is best to keep items, such as potted plants and even your vehicles, away from your driveway as it is likely that delivery trucks might be going through it for the materials.

#7 Prepare The Necessary Documents

Let’s say you opted to hire a roofing contractor. Note that there are several documents that need to be prepared before the installation takes place. The contractor will coordinate with you for:

  • Building permit: This permit shows that your contractor follows the building codes set by the municipality or state where the project is located. It is typically filed with the local government and should be approved by the government agency in charge of construction requests. 

  • Insurance coverage: Generally speaking, the contractor must be able to furnish you with a copy of a letter that states that the contractor’s insurance policy covers your roofing project.

Homeowners Association permits: This permit is applied only if necessary. Not all locations or communities require such permits.

Take Away Thought: Make Your Roof Stronger, Better

Roof installation is a complex task, but with the right preparation, roofing contractor, and regular maintenance, your roofing can protect you for years to come. Here are a few tips to help you boost the lifespan of your roof.

  • Have your roof regularly inspected and cleaned: Do a yearly inspection of your roof. You also need to regularly remove any dirt accumulation and particularly watch out for fungi, moss, or algae growth.  

  • Check the presence of rust: This tip is specifically significant to those who have metal roofing. If there is any rust formation, use a wire brush to clean it. Re-application of a primer and paint can also improve the longevity of your roofing. 

  • Fix cracks and re-apply sealant: Check for parts with cracks or worn-out sealant. Make the necessary repairs and re-apply sealant as necessary.

  • Keep your gutters clog-free: Clogged gutters cause water accumulation on your roof, which can result in significant damage in the long run. Prevent water accumulation by regular check-ups and ensure that there are no leaves, twigs, or animal dirt in your gutters.    

If you are unsure of how to go about the whole roofing installation process, Dream Team Metal Roofing & Solar can certainly help. We have roofing professionals who can guide you through and assist you with your roofing needs. Feel free to contact us at (772) 264-4005.

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